the future is in the making

Idaho high school graduates are ready to take the future into their hands. Sadly, the status quo says there are only two paths after high school: a traditional four-year degree or a low-paying job. But there is more—trade schools, apprenticeships, one-year degrees, two-year degrees, and much more. Support Idaho high school students as they discover what is right for them.
Listen for yourself: 

Chances are, your teen is thinking about what's next for them after high school. Find out what's on their mind. Starting the conversation is one of the best ways you can help them sort it out and give them your support.



Some people think there are only so many options after high school. The future is not one size fits all. In fact, more learning and training comes in more shapes and sizes than ever before. Amazing things happen when you settle for more.


Make A Break For It

There is more to learning after high school than most of us think. Buck The Quo is busting old myths about the trades and showing how a trade path might be a great way to get the hands-on skills or high-tech know-how to take the future to the next level.



Great things come to those who make. Those who weld, code, lift, farm, build, and invent. All we have to do is help them forge, reach, push, break through—whatever it takes to get to a great life. 



Conversation Starters

Having “the talk” with teens about their future doesn’t have to be difficult. To give you a boost, we created some conversation starters. Let the heart-to-heart begin.